Jim Voigt

Jim Voigt

Voigt Business Law, LLC

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I’m Jim Voigt with Voigt Business Law.  I dedicate my practice strictly to the areas of small business and assisted living development.  Most of my practice consists of helping assisting living managers and developers to organize the legal ownership structure of their facility, negotiate management contracts, operating agreements, leases, and secure licensing. We primarily assist clients to purchase and operate their facilities “OPM” or with “Other People’s Money” meaning that with the right operator involved, we can often guide facility owners through the purchase of a facility without any of their own funds.


What I do is not necessarily different from other attorneys.  I differentiate myself by the way I work with clients.  I entered the practice of law in 2006 with a very different perspective than most attorneys.  My background included almost two decades of sales, upper level management and leadership positions, even owning a handful of my own small businesses over the years.  This real-world business experience helps me to understand and connect with my clients at a different level than most attorneys who entered practice right out of undergrad and law school.


My business experience prior to law school taught me that small businesses have to adapt quickly to the needs of their customers and clients.  But after law school, I saw the legal industry operating the way it had for decades.  I decided that needed to change.  Why shouldn’t the practice of law be just as focused on service, technology, responsiveness, convenience, and quality as every other small business?


This concept was the foundation of the micro-firm I launched in September of 2018 and remains the cornerstone of my practice today.  As a micro-firm I am able to provide faster service at a more efficient cost than most law firms without sacrificing the quality of legal services that small businesses need.  I look forward to talking with you about your small business aspirations or challenges and finding smart solutions to help you achieve your dreams.

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