Leslie Markman-Stern

Leslie Markman-Stern, ASID, President

Leslie M. Stern Design, LTD






Leslie Markman-Stern is the president of Leslie M. Stern Design, LTD. We are a full service commercial and residential interior design firm. We also offer interior design services to the disabled as well as the senior population.


Is your commercial space designed to attract future business, maintain 5 generations of employees under one roof and does it project the culture and unique aspects of your business? Is your commercial and residential space designed so you and your employees, residents (senior or otherwise), partners and family members can age in place as you go through life changes? Leslie Markman-Stern draws on more than 30 years of experience as a commercial and residential  interior designer, as well as her background in fine arts and her work with the disabled and senior population. She is a professional member of American Society of Interior Designers, ASID as well as licensed in Illinois, New Mexico and California. She is a frequent public speaker on the ADA, American Disability Act, universal design, health and well-being, general design for commercial and residential interior spaces as well as for a “green” environment and those who have special needs.


Good referrals are anyone going thru a transition; upsizing, downsizing, reinventing their business, moving into a new space or renovation of existing space, or desiring ADA compliance or “green” space. Additionally, commercial realtors, contractors, CEOs, CFOs,  business managers, attorneys, accountants, business owners, homeowners, adult children or otherwise are all good referral partners. We serve the hospitality, medical, dental, general office space, retail, senior living, manufacturing, public space as well as residential market.


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