Paul Colgan

fifthmemberPaul Colgan
Boni Inc. (USA) dba Boni Loud Steps



222 Merchandise Mart Plaza #1212

Chicago, IL 60654



Paul Colgan, Director of Business Development and Corporate Strategy, for Boni, Inc. (USA). We offer an innovative mobile navigation application – Boni Loud Steps – for the visually impaired in real estate venues with lots of unique visitors.

Accessibility requirements are evolving beyond just the needs of the physically disabled to include people with sight and hearing impairments. The Boni Loud Steps wayfinding solution allows building owners and managers to meet and exceed existing ADA requirements while serving the special needs of the visually and hearing impaired populations visiting and using their properties. Our markets are hospitality, health care, retail, airports, offices, event places and government buildings

Great referral partners for us are building managers, airport administrators, hotel managers/owners/developers and government or non-profit officials who are advocates for accessibility.

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